Autumn in NYC


I just want to buy a bunch of books that I have nowhere to put and no time to read

fashion encyclopedia: Hanna Toumajean f/w 2014 couture

Today I met Cassandra Clare and Holly Black (!!!) and we had a really long conversation.


I asked her about TDA and the future and stuff, and this is what I learned:

  • Clary and Emma are super close and Clary is sort of a big sister to her. Emma calls Clary often and talks to her with stuff she isn’t comfortable talking about with her family. I’m going to guess that Julian is one of those things. I’m also going to guess that Clary and Jace are still living in New York since there is only one phone in Idris. 
  • Alec and Magnus adopt a kid and when Magnus suggests it, Alec freaks out because he thinks Magnus wants them to actually have a baby.
  • Emma tosses boys aside (Cassie admitted that Emma was pretty much a female Jace)
  • We will see Izzy and Simon’s relationship in the Academy mini-series and that their relationship is the same in some ways but different in others (actually Holly said that)
  • Something happens at the end of Lady Midnight forcing Jace and Clary to come out to Los Angeles. 
  • Mark Blackthorn and Malcolm Fade are not going to be a thing. Apparently someone asked her that. The answer is no. 
  • Cassie was actually writing/planning TDA last night with Holly and another person who they pointed to but I didn’t see who it was 

I’m certain there was more but I was too busy freaking out to remember it all. Cassie was super cool and nice and wonderful, and so was Holly :3

But this love is ours..


halloween’s coming early on tumblr


well yeah OF COURSE i would’ve never gone to a 1989 secret session because i don’t live in the usa



The Day Nearly Gone | (by Eo NaYa)


The Day Nearly Gone | (by Eo NaYa)


"I hope I find someone as good as Leo."